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Free step by step online game about resurrect dead (zombie)

Zombie hunter
Zombie hunters are exceptionally smart warriors that can withstand zombifying charms of necromancers. They are very impetuous and are able to exhaust any zombie. They can die only because of excessive amount of zombies, especially if there are no people around left to hide behind their back. They are extremely cynical and hypocritical as they are ready to kill hundreds of innocent people for the sake of own aims achievement.
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Choose a passive skill:
- Vigilance (zombie hunter can see much more)
- Third shot (increases chances of hunter to wipe out zombies)
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Necromancers are wizards able to zombify usual people. Natural ugly appearance is compensated by excellent skills that let manage hordes of zombies that are not dangerous for them. Necromancers have to run away from hunters constantly when they are waiting for zombies to eat all brains around. Nobody (even necromancers themselves) knows where these spiteful dark wizards have appeared from. They are simple-minded and quick off the mark.
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Choose a passive skill:
- Vigilance (necromancer is able to see more than an inch beyond his nose)
- Wizard (necromancer creates 50% more zombies per move)
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Guide for arcade online zombie-game

  1. Game is dedicated to the struggle between zombie hunters and necromancers.
  2. Game operation: using mouse.
  3. Aim of zombie hunter is to catch and wipe out all necromancers (you need to be in one field with necromancer to do this).
  4. Aim of necromancer is to produce zombies and ran away from hunters. Necromancer wins if all hunters are wiped out. Only a crowd of zombies can stop a hunter. A hunter dies if the amount of zombie is larger (the amount of people +1).
  5. If all civilians are dead, then zombie hunters lose and necromancers win.
  6. Zombie and people move randomly per each turn.
  7. After the hero wins the level, he goes to the next where there will be one more enemy.
  8. If the hero dies before he has reached the last level, he can keep the sore you get. You get bonus for per cent of zombified/ saved people on the level; refusal to choose one of passive skills; non-usage of all active skills on the level.
  9. Zombie hunters move at a speed of 2 fields per turn, usual long sight is 2 fields. Necromancers – 1 field per turn, usual long sight – 1 field (but necromancer sees the surroundings in all fields where there is at least one zombie)
  10. Active skills are added on each level.
  11. Each move necromancer turns one person into zombie itself.
  12. Each move each zombie has 50% chances to catch and turn into zombie one person.
  13. Active skill utilization takes place so quickly that people around have no time to move forward.
  14. If you win the final level, you will see a special zombie-cartoon.
  15. On the playing area you can see the following: «Amount of people/ Amount of zombie».
  16. Game refers to genres: zombie games, online games, arcade games, step by step games, partially board games, resurrected dead
  17. At the moment the game has no multiplayer.
  18. Materials of graphics website have been used when developing this online zombie-game - www.sp-studio.de.
  19. This step by step (turn-based) game is a free non-profit online project in a website form. If you use the materials of the site-game, you must place an active hyperlink to arcade-zombie-hunter.com.
  20. To start the game about resurrected dead you should click the button under «Start the game».
  21. This step by step zombie game can work badly or not work at all if you use outdated browser or receipt of Cookies is switched off.
  22. Description of active skills:
    Zombie poison
    Zombie poison. It is an active skill of dead hunter, wipes out about a half of dead around hunter within 2 playing fields.
    Grenade. This active skill of dead hunter wipes of all (people and zombies) around hunter within 1 playing field.
    Neutron explosion
    Neuron explosion. It is an active skill of live dead hunter. Blasting radius is 5 playing fields (the whole city). The farther of the epicenter it is, the less damage is. Live are 50% more vulnerable than zombies.
    Rats. This active skill of zombie hunter lets him destroy rats actively using a long-term poison. Zombies eat rats and one dead dies in each region.
    Bait. This active skill of dead hunter lets him find a squalling living creature and ties it to a pillar. Because of it here come about a half of zombies of a city.
    Panic. It is an active skill of undead hunter. He becomes panic-stricken and run up hill and down dale. Panic is over approximately in the centre of the city.
    People from bunker
    People from bunker. This active skill of resurrected dead hunter let him to move all hidden people from bunkers to the streets. He tells fairy-tales that zombie epidemic is over.
    Pestilence. This active skill of dark wizard helps to fill the city with a bunch of fatal illnesses. Because of the epidemic about 20% of population dies.
    Eagle gaze
    Eagle gaze. This active skill of necromancer lets him see the whole map for a short time and see where there is the safest place.
    Teleport. This active skill of necromancer displaces him to a haphazard place on the map (that’s why there is always a risk to appear in a worse situation).
    Flight to the outskirts
    Flight to the outskirts. It is an active skill of dark wizard. If a necromancer feels little danger, he can use ancient magic to run away to the outskirts.
    Call of dead
    Call of dead. It is an active skill of necromancer. Dark wizard alls all non-dead from the whole city to make them protect him. However they cannot protect him from hunters-kamikaze.
    Mass hypnosis
    Mass hypnosis. It is an active skill of dark wizard. Using his mental power, a wizard can lure up to 25% of all live city population.

Player ranking in Arcade zombie game

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